Sacred Geometry

   Right in the middle of the hills of Luján de Cuyo, in the province of Mendoza, out of sight from the world, there is a winery where, Constantino and Silvina Krontiras, nested their love for wine. The sacred geometry of the location gently embraces the fruit of its biodynamic vineyards from which our wines are born, as a pure expression of terroir.

T h e  W i n e r y 

The winery is naturally integrated with our Lunlunta vineyard. The building architecture is inspired by biodynamic principles based on ancient “sacred geometry”.

We apply the golden ratio φ (1.618) and π (3.14) to create an excellent environment for winemaking and aging. Natural insulating materials such as straw, have been used to save energy, making sure that the use of natural resources is truly rational.

Capacity: 400,000lts
Grape selection: both, cluster and grape
Grape reception: gravity
Tanks: stainless steel, 2hl-7.5hl
Barrels: 225lt and 500lt oak

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