In our mystical environment, in the heart of Luján de Cuyo, nature and hand together, we make the most expressive wines of the terroir.

m i K r o n  T o r r o n t e s

Torrontés being the emblematic white grape of Argentina, this wine could not be missing from our portfolio. These grapes come from a high altitude organic vineyard in the province of La Rioja and are fermented in stainless steel tanks. This organic wine boasts astonishing aromas and crunchy flavours that include floral notes of rose petals combined with peach and lemon zest. Serve chilled.


m i K r o n  R o s é 

By combining the best Malbec and Agliánico grapes, harvested in February, we obtained this rosé that is characterised by being pleasant on the palate and having a crisp acidity which makes it a very fresh wine.


m i K r o n   M a l b e c

With no aging in oak barrels, this young Malbec breaks all the rules. It recreates the concept of French “Beaujolais Nouveau” style, a wine created to be consumed chilled, at white wine temperature. This is a fresh and fruity Malbec that has captivated everyone’s attention because of its unique and particular expressions.


W i s d o m   M a l b e c

The grapes used to make this wine came from old vines, to which the passing of time has given them the wisdom of only producing grapes of the highest quality. Around 2000 bottles are made per year, depending on the yield of each parcel. The wine ages in French oak barrels for 24 months and is released to the market after a further year resting in the bottle.


K r o n t i r a s  C o s m i c  A m b e r  C h a r d o n n a y 

We’ve found the path from heaven to Earth … and it’s amber colour.

Following our philosophy of minimal intervention, we let our Chardonnay express itself. After fermentation, the wine stays in contact with its skins for seven months. The result is an amber-coloured wine with aromas of walnut and kumquat jam that show a new side of Chardonnay. These wines have been made in the Caucasus area for more than 6,000 years.


K r o n t i r a s  M a l b e c  N a t u r a l

Krontiras Natural Malbec is our first step towards the production of natural wines. We have been making Malbec wines without added sulfur since 2015. Two years later we achieved the desired result, the new Krontiras Malbec Natural. The grapes were carefully selected from our vineyard in Maipú, and fermented in stainless steel tanks without the addition of sulphites at any stage of the vinification.

Our goal is always to respect the natural expression of our vineyardThis wild Malbec will transport you directly to the place we call “home”.


K r o n t i r a s  E x p l o r e   M a l b e c

Our Malbec is the result of healthy soil, young plants and the microclimate of Maipú, one of the most ideal regions in Argentina to produce this wine variety.


K r o n t i r a s  E x p l o r e  P e t i t  V e r d o t

As the Petit Verdot variety is very sensitive, both in the vineyard and in the winery, it is treated very carefully throughout the process. This grape is spicy, with black fruit and hints of olives, characteristics which have combined with the biodynamic handling to create a great wine.


K r o n t i r a s  E x p l o r e  T e m p r a n i l l o

Forgotten by many in Argentina, the Tempranillo variety has been rescued by our technical team who have successfully enhanced this wine’s potential. This 100% Tempranillo shows why this variety is so recognised around the world. Red fruit and good acidity are the unmistakable hallmarks of this varietal.


K r o n t i r a s  E x p l o r e  A g l i á n i c o

The Agliánico grape was, as the story tells, Alexander the Great’s personal favourite; he took it on his travels throughout Magna Grecia. This grape variety represents the Greek soul, legacy and conquering spirit. That same spirit is what constantly inspires us to explore new paths, to discover the unknown. It was necessary to wait several years after the first vines were planted, to achieve a wine with a Greek soul and an Argentine heart that made us proud. A very marked acidity makes this wine unique and unmistakable.


K r o n t i r a s  E x p l o r e  B l e n d

Malbec (70%) and Agliánico (30%) in perfect balance.

The story goes that Alexander the Great himself, together with his army, carried Greek vines of the Aglianico variety while he spread the “Magna Grecia” through the territories he conquered. Alexander’s legacy constantly inspires us to go for everything that is new and different. After we imported the vines from Europe, we had to wait several years to obtain the first wines. The Aglianico grape variety represents our Greek soul. It has a marked acidity making it unmistakable and is perhaps one of the most unique grape varieties that Mendoza has experienced.


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